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Man Sets Guinness World Record for Hoverboard Flight [VIDEO]
We’ve all been waiting for it since the days of Back to the Future, but it looks like we’re getting closer and closer to everyday hoverboards becoming a reality. Subscribe to WRRV on Youtube In order to set the record, he had to go 164ft… he went 905 feet and 2 inches. Sure…
Brandi’s Future Husband Rocks Tetris
I have found my new beloved and this time he is not in jail, stuck on the side of the road, or have any warrants out for his arrest.This guy has lots of things that I look for in a Future Husband. Smarts, World Record Holder Status and a love for Tetris. This time it’s […]
Buried in Pizza Boxes?!
Friend of Music All Morning, host of Scott’s Pizza Tours, and general pizza aficionado/mastermind Scott Wiener has a new accomplishment to add to his resume: Guinness World Record Holder! After collecting almost 600 DIFFERENT pizza boxes (yes, 600!), Scott was recognized by the fine folks at …