People Are Naming Their Children After Instagram Filters
I wish that headline were a joke. did some research on trendy baby names for 2015. The results are surprising and confusing. I don’t have any children, but I’m sure naming a person is a pretty big deal. This human has to respond and explain their name for the rest of the…
Major Restaurant Chain to Make Food More ‘Instagram Friendly’
Social media and “food porn” have become such a force in the culinary world that one chain is going out of its way to cater to food bloggers and Instagram users. We’ve all been there: you see something on a commercial or a photo on a menu and you decide you must have that food […
See Which ‘Celebrity’ Posed Nude On Instagram For New Years
Instagram has been steadily gaining popularity over the past few years. So much so that Facebook decided to buy it in 2012 for about a billion bucks. Users can either post pictures with a variety of effects or videos of up to 15 seconds. A certain “celebrity” decided to ring in the new…
Don’t Send Nudes to Your Dad
This girl found herself in one of the most embarrassing situations you can imagine. Hoax or not, it’s still so incredibly rad. I’ll let this story speak for itself.  

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