New York

Does President Trump Know How to Eat Pizza?
You'd think that being a native New Yorker, President Trump would both know and endorse how to eat a pizza the right way.
The 45th President of The United States, Donald J. Trump is no stranger to controversy. Decades of fame and being in the public eye are sure to bring a lot of attention but…
Are New York Women The Sexiest in the Country?
New York women do have a certain sexiness about them but where does that feeling come from?

It seems like a weird question but what is "sexy?" If I had a time machine and if I went back in time ten years ago to ask myself that question I would have given an answer solely on a woman'…
NY School Finds Washington’s Hair, Will We Clone Him?
Just in time for Presidents Day we may have found a lock of our founding father's hair. Could there really have been a lock of George Washington's hair at this upstate New York college for over 200 years?
Though George Washington was from Virginia it's no secret that he has strong tie…
You’ll Never Guess The Best Movie Made In New York
I'm no cinematic master mind but I for one am absolutely shocked by this one.

For those of you who love movies what's better than associating a great movie with your home state. It's kind of like we associate Groundhog Day with Pennsylvania, Raising Arizona with Arizona of course …

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