Comedian Drives Giant Butt Sculpture Around America [VIDEO]
“The world is a pretty tough place to live in. So we thought we could brighten people’s days with a bit of randomness, and that is why I am driving around a giant butt.” The words of Kurt Braunohler could not be more true nor more accurately represent exactly what he’s do…
Fan Runs Onto Field, Throws Pitch [VIDEO]
An Angels fan had one of the more successful field invasions in a long time, as he actually managed to throw a pitch. Subscribe to WRRV on Youtube I mean, it really does seem like something from a silent comedy from 1919. A guy running around while the security guards bump into each other, circle [&…
Pizza Delivery Drivers Pranked by the Ninja Turtles [VIDEO]
If you’ve ever wondered how hard it would be to actually have pizza delivered to the sewer, wonder no more. The pizza obsession of everyone’s favorite mutated ninja reptiles has always made me question a few things. Firstly, how did they get all that pizza into the sewer? Well, Break.c…
High School Physics Demonstration Goes Very Wrong [VIDEO]
The internet is abuzz about whether this video is a hoax or very, very real. After being posted on Reddit, allegedly by the person who recorded it, this video has become a hot topic of conversation online. Is it real? And how did this guy not squeal in complete agony? Subscribe to WRRV on Youtube [&…
Woman Gets Pranked… And Gets a New House [VIDEO]
Not often do you watch a prank video hoping for chaos and end up getting your little black heart warmed up. What? No, I’m not crying. It’s dusty in here okay?! Subscribe to WRRV on Youtube Man, that’s cool.
Halloween Prank Video: Funny or Too Far? [VIDEO]
The comments on the video seem to be a healthy mix between people who love it and people who think that these pranks were a serious invasion of privacy and actually dangerous. Subscribe to WRRV on Youtube And, for that matter, real or fake? I just wish I had the free time this guy has […]

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