Strange New Dating Trends
Ghosting. Cushioning. Haunting. These are all horrible names to give anything, but they fit perfectly with these strange new dating trends.
What Tinder Would Have Looked Like in the 80s [VIDEO]
Get your floppy disks ready: everyone’s favorite hook-up app has been taken back to the 80s and the results are phenomenal. Subscribe to WRRV on Youtube Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got a whole bunch of Oregon Trail to play. Plus I’m going to destroy my hearing by connec…
Olympic Village: One Giant Hook-Up
Being an Olympic athlete would be rad. Sure, it would be tons of hard work, but, based on all the promo packages they’ve shown of the US snowboarding team, their offseasons involve them living on the beach and surfing all day as they prepare to collect tons of money in sponsorship and endorse…