I'm not a gambler. You might say I'm boring and risk-averse. You'd be correct. Although, I like to frame it as "fiscally responsible," the reality is I'm cheap and paranoid.

Well, I feel comfortable in my choices because it seems a man in Illinois has already used up all of the luck in the universe, winning the lottery three times.

Yes. Three. IN A MONTH.

After winning $25,000 earlier in April, he decided to grab another ticket. That one snagged him $1,000. So, why not try it a third time? ANOTHER $25,000?!

Wait. That's not $25,000 at all. It's $250,000. WHAT?!

Yup, this guy managed to win $276,000 on three separate lottery wins in the course of a month.

To think I feel lucky when I find five bucks in a jacket pocket.

And just because I found it while looking for an appropriate "lottery ticket" photo and it made me laugh a lot, here's a photo of Bow Wow looking sad that no one wants to meet him at a Foot Locker:

(Photo by Michael Loccisano/Getty Images)