I have a feeling Crossroads, a brewery from Athens, New York, is one you'll be hearing more and more from as time goes on, so I'm excited that this week you get to try out their delicious Scottish ale.

The Scottish ale is a style I love, but brewers in America seemed to neglect it for some time. Fortunately, it seems to be making its return recently, and this week I'm happy to bring you a delicious example. It's nice and malty, which is perfect for the colder months. It has a low hop bitterness (only about 18 IBU) but a great, fruity sweetness that adds a lot of depth and character to the flavor.

Happy New Year! Grab a growler at Half Time and celebrate the beginning of 2014 with friends. Or by watching the ball drop with Ryan Seacrest and the Black-Eyed Peas or whatever in your underwear. The growler doesn't judge.