XBOX has announced some big news for gamers as they are set to be the first to allow cross platform gaming. But, there's a catch.

Ahead of the upcoming XBOX Game Developers Conference, ID@BOX, Microsoft has announced via press release they will be enabling game developers to include cross platform capability in new games. But the other systems will have to play ball to make it worthwhile. It will be nice to be able to play against users of Windows 10, but in order to play against PS4 owners, Playstation will have to provide functionality on their end.

A new game being developed by Psyonix called 'Rocket League' is the first with the new ability to be played across networks. It's an exciting time for gamers, many people don't share the same console as their friends. Moving forward this will break down those walls.

Microsoft will be highlighting 40 different new games from indie developers at the upcoming ID@XBOX event which is designed to support independent game developers by providing development kits and reduces costs associated with launching a game.