You might be hearing a great deal about the fires that are burning and destroying Northern California, but what about the fires that are burning in Colorado? New York has welcomed a second crew of fire workers and DEC workers back home and sent another crew to help battle the flames.

In a tradition that dates back to when the first NY Fire Crew was sent west in 1979, yet another crew has been dispatched west. This time (and for the third time) another crew will be spending two weeks helping others in Colorado.

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The crews were sent to help contain the Cameron Peak Fire in Colorado, which (according to a press release) is about 20 percent contained.

The persons on the most recent crew are from all over the state, one of which is from the Hudson Valley:

The crew consists of New York Forest Rangers, staff and volunteers, maybe you know one of them?

  • Chris DiCintio, Forest Ranger, Crew Boss, Franklin County
  • Shay Faulkner, DEC Division of Operations, Allegany County
  • Nathan Hudson, DEC Division of Lands & Forests, Cortland County
  • Charles Kabrehl, Forest Ranger, Warren County
  • Daniel Kinsley, DEC Division of Solid Waste and Hazardous Materials, Onondaga County
  • Chester Lunt, Forest Ranger, Onondaga County
  • Robert Mackenzie, DEC Division of Lands & Forests, Dutchess County
  • Robbi Mecus, Forest Ranger, Essex and Franklin counties
  • Melissa Milano, Forest Ranger, Hamilton County
  • Peter Morehouse, Forest Ranger, St. Lawrence County
  • Logan Quinn, Forest Ranger, Essex County
  • Robert Rogers, Forest Ranger, Cattaraugus
  • Daniel Welc, DEC Division of Lands & Forests, Chenango County

The above crew is expected to be in Colorado for approximately two weeks assisting with the wildfires. All of the expenses incurred by the crew will be paid directly by the U.S. Forest Service or reimbursed to New York State based on a mutual aid agreement between states and federal land agencies, according to a press release. Stay safe team and continue to be NYStrong.

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