Girl Scout cookie season is almost upon us, and according to the Hudson Valley cookie dates calendar (yes, this is a thing) important timelines to know for 2020 are as follows:     -Ordering will happen in February and early March, with Heart of the Hudson Girl Scouts beginning their sales on February 7th to be exact                                                                -You can expect cookies to be delivered in late March into early April

The exciting news for 2020 though, is the new cookie flavor on the block - enter the Lemon-Up.

According to the Today Show:

Lemon-Ups are crisp, lemon-flavored biscuits, with a layer of sweet glaze on one side to balance out the tartness. Each round cookie includes an encouraging message inspired by the mission of the Girl Scouts. Some phrases include: "I'm a leader," "I am an innovator," and "I am a risk-taker."

The Hudson Valley has lucked out this time, as anyone who purchases cookies from a Girl Scouts Heart of the Hudson Girl Scout can purchase the new Lemon-Ups. Their footprint is Westchester through Dutchess Counties, so most of the Hudson Valley will have these cookies available to them, again so long as they purchase from a girl within GSHH.  This according to Elisa Lovergine, Communications and Marketing Manager for GSHH.

All troops have the choice of which cookie baker to get their supply from, hence why certain flavors are available in some areas but not others.  The Girl Scouts encourage you to use this finder to find out availability in your local area.

Times sure have changed since I was a Girl Scout though, as they now have an app and online ordering option.

Will you be on the hunt for the new Lemon-Up cookie, or stick to the ol' favorites?  I'm team Thin Mint all the way....