We know that New York State is rich in history. With that history comes historic figures who shaped New York history.

Did you know that the Hudson Valley is home to the oldest military post cemetery in America?

That cemetery also happens to be a national historic landmark. If you thought we were talking about West Point Cemetery, you would be correct.

According to West Point, before it became a Military Cemetery in 1817, the grounds were "used by local residents for burials, and the graves of Soldiers from as far back as the Revolutionary War" can be found on the grounds.

With that being said, some of the most notable military leaders and military heroes are buried at the Orange County location.

West Point has mapped out some of the most prominent figures who were laid to rest on the military grounds. These figures include Major General Daniel Butterfield, who is most well known for composing "Taps," and war heroes like First Lieutenant Alonzo Cushing.

First Lieutenant Cushing was "posthumously awarded the Medal of Honor by the President of the United States" back in 2014 for his efforts during the Battle of Gettysburg. Battlefield.org shares more of Cushing's story writing:

Using field glasses, First Lieutenant Cushing directed fire for his own artillery battery. He refused to leave the battlefield after being struck in the shoulder by a shell fragment. As he continued to direct fire, he was struck again — this time suffering grievous damage to his abdomen. Still refusing to abandon his command, he boldly stood tall in the face of Major General George E. Pickett’s charge and continued to direct devastating fire into oncoming forces. As the Confederate forces closed in, First Lieutenant Cushing was struck in the mouth by an enemy bullet and fell dead beside his gun.

The history speaks for itself at West Point Military Academy. Take a look at prominent historical figures whose final resting place is in Orange County, read their stories and why they are so important to history below.

28 Distinguished Historic Figures Buried at West Point Cemetery

New York State is rich in history. West Point Cemetery acts as a national historic landmark and the final resting place for 28 historic figures. From Medal of Honor recipients and Military leaders to astronauts and other Military heroes, their final resting place can be found right here in the Hudson Valley.

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