The Walkway Over The Hudson which connects Dutchess and Ulster Counties has helped transform the community. Since its grand opening in 2009, it has brought countless tourists to the region while providing a great outdoor recreation option for local residents.

A new article from Fodors takes a look at some of America's most scenic bike trails. Along with locations in San Francisco, Colorado, and Maine, the Walkway Over the Hudson has been singled out as one of America's most scenic. American's have been hopping on their bicycles in record numbers during the pandemic with Fodor's reporting bike sales being up 63% year over year.

The former train bridge first opened in 1889 and operated as a vital link between the midwest and eastern seaboard until a 1974 fire tragically shut down operations. From there it sat dormant for decades until a passionate group of local individuals helped transformed the bridge into the great local resource it is today.

What was once the world's longest bridge is now the world's longest elevated pedestrian walkway and approximately half a million people cross each year. The views from the deck of the bridge are unparalleled and offer a unique vantage point of the Hudson River Valley particularly during the autumn months when the leaves are changing.

Visitors to the Walkway Over The Hudson are currently asked to wear a mask and social distance whenever possible. The elevator is currently closed to prevent close contact in an enclosed space. More information can be found here.

PRO TIP: You give it a try but you might want to avoid navigating your bicycle on a crowded walkway during peak leaf-peeping season. The Walkway can get busy especially on the weekend.

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