Whether you're looking to carve pumpkins for Halloween or just have some hanging around the house as decorations until Thanksgiving there's no point in breaking the bank.

Holidays can be expensive.

The Christmas season is notorious for being the most expensive time of the year for obvious reasons. Buying gifts, dinner and paying for travel expenses are usually the biggest financial burdens but there's one costly holiday expense that we always seem to underestimate and that's the decorations.

Halloween may not be the most expensive season but it's certainly not the cheapest.

By the time you purchase costumes, scary decorations, candy and pumpkin flavored beer it can all start to add up. We can't forget the pumpkins.

You'll want to save money any chance you can. I never understood why people spend so much money on pumpkins every year. You're just going to carve them up like Michael Myers and set them outside to watch them rot.

Here are a few affordable places to snag those future jack-o'-lanterns in the Hudson Valley.

4 Places That Have Affordable Pumpkins in the Hudson Valley