A horrific helicopter crash occurred in New York City's East River.  At least 2 passengers were killed during the crash and 3 others rushed to the hospital in critical condition.

A routine helicopter tour around New York City took a terrifying turn when it violently crashed in the East River on Sunday night. According to Fox News, the helicopter was with Liberty Helicopter Tours of New York and was on a private tour at the time it went down and eventually sank.

Of the six passengers, police say the pilot manged to escape, 2 were pronounced dead at the scene and the remaining 3 were rushed to Bellevue Hospital but passed away several hours later according to CNN.

The crash was caught on camera by a witness near the scene of the accident.

It's still unclear if the helicopter was travelling low because of mechanical failure or to get a picture. There will be a full investigation to determine the cause of the chopper's crash.