We ❤ Highland.

Every Monday on the Wakin' Up with CJ and Jess Show, we wheel in the "wheel O' towns" to the studio to help us pick one town in the Hudson Valley that will be this weeks "hometown of the week". We welcomed Joe form Wappingers on the show for his big spin this week and after the wheel going round and round...it landed on Highland, New York.

It's becoming a common theme every week, after every spin, we have some sort of controversy. Brian texted us to let us know that Highland is a hamlet in the town of Lloyd. It happens EVERY WEEK...LOL! It doesn't matter anymore, lol. Highland is the hometown of the week and that is that! So lets get to know Highland a little better.

Never Speed in Highland (Lloyd)

Ree texted us, "Hi, do not speed in highland, Lloyd police don't mess around!" Great advice!! Fun fact, Highland is the only place in the Hudson Valley that I've spent a little bit of time sitting in the back of a police car in handcuffs. I went through a period of life where my driving record wasn't the best and every time I didn't pay a ticket my license would get suspended. Every time it got suspended, the Lloyd police would find me and pull me over. Believe me I learned my lesson...LOL!

Three Bars & Restaurants That We All Miss

There have been numerous places that have come and gone over the years in Highland, but these 3 standout to me. Mariner's Harbor, on the banks of the Hudson river was always a fun place to grab a good meal. They had great drinks and they always had fun things going on. Another place I loved was City Limits. It was a small bar that stood on Rt 9W right where the gas station and Dunkin' stand now. It was one of the first places I ever DJ'd in the Hudson Valley. The last place was a great place to end a long night, Billy's Slurp and Burp on Main Street. It was the cool dive bar before dive bars were cool.

The Best Italian Combo Sub Called Highland Home

I spent 5 years living in Highland back in the early 2000's and one of my favorite memories involved a sub sandwich and deli that's no longer around. Every week like clockwork, I would stop at the Bridge Circle Deli, which was located where the Hudson Valley Credit Union is now, and get the best Italian combo I've ever had. It was so good!! What made it the best? I think that it had like 5 pounds of meats and cheeses on it...LOL!

Some of the Best Pizza Anywhere

Two of the most popular pizza places in the Hudson Valley call Highland home. They include Pizza Mia in the Hannaford plaza and one of my favorites, Brennie's Pizza on main street in Highland. Both places never disappoint when you are craving a good slice, or pizza pie.

Great Fire Department

Frankie texted us that Highland Hose co no 1 was established in 1894 is a great fire department in Highland!

A Tour of New Paltz

Some of our favorite and not so favorite things about New Paltz, New York.

New Restaurants Coming to the New York State Thruway

These restaurants will soon be open along the New York State Thruway.