New Paltz is one of my favorite towns to visit in the Hudson Valley. From the beautiful hiking trails to the unique restaurants and nightlife, there’s always something to get into. I have also enjoyed walking around and learning about the history within New Paltz. Besides the cool bars and shops along the streets, the views of the gunks are just incredible.

Here are some things that you may or may not have known about New Paltz.

There were settlers who resided in New Paltz before Henry Hudson.
We have heard stories about the infamous Henry Hudson and his adventures throughout the Hudson Valley in The Half Moon. Before Hudson touched land here, the Esopus Indian already made New Paltz their home. Take a stroll on Huguenot Street and see the re done hut/home that these Indians once lived in.

New Paltz welcomed all groups and religions.
To be honest, New Paltz has such a great vibe to it. I love that almost anyone who goes to this town feels welcomed. I can’t help but wonder how this began. The Huguenots resided in New Paltz after purchasing 40,000 acres of land. Huguenot Street has a wonderful indoor and outdoor tour of how this looked during the 1600’s. This land was then known as the “New Paltz Patent” giving home to ancestor and families of the Huguenots. Check out the super cool stone houses which are now apart of the National Historic Landmark District. In addition to the Huguenot settlers, Italians, Germans, Dutch, English and more settled in this peaceful town.

Historic Huguenot Street is referred to as the oldest street in America.
I love looking the historical signs and plaques throughout the Hudson Valley. If you haven already, start the beginning of the road, check out the cemetery, the old houses, and the information within. This street is known as one of the oldest museum’s street in America. Isn’t it neat how much you can learn but stop and simply ready a sign? There is so much knowledge to be gained from living in the Hudson Valley and it only gets better.

There are historic books about New Paltz that are sold in the Hudson Valley.
These books go into depth about the history of New Paltz, the settlers and pioneers. Find out how New Paltz has shaped this area we get to call home. Check out History of New Paltz, New York, and Its Old Families (from 1678 to 1820).

Where did New Paltz get its name from?
There were many settlers within New Paltz. Relating back to documents from when the first town was discovered, information shows that this town was referred to “The Pfalz” which later gave name to the current New Paltz. French speaking settlers gave this area its name.

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