There is no shortage of beautiful houses and buildings in Dutchess County. There are all of those mansions up and down the Hudson like the Roosevelt Estate, the Vanderbilt Estate, Mills Mansion and Olana just to name a few. And no doubt those are exquisite structures. But those are actual sites where you go specifically to get a tour of the building and the grounds. That’s not what I’m talking about in this case. I’m talking about beautiful buildings that we see on a daily basis, and use often.

Buildings like libraries, train stations, post offices and restaurants. You know, buildings we see hundreds of times. Maybe we see them all the time, but forget to notice their appeal. Here are a few buildings that I think are great examples of beautiful Dutchess County architecture. And you’ve probably passed at least a few of them at one time or another, and likely even been inside of a couple. Here’s my list, which you can feel free to add to.

6 Incredibly Beautiful Dutchess County Buildings

6 Examples of Beautiful Dutchess County Architecture

Poughkeepsie is not without its rough areas, but even those areas have beautiful buildings that were once the stars of their neighborhoods. Just look around. Most old cities like Poughkeepsie have amazing architecture everywhere, but so many of these fine buildings have been neglected for so long, we don't realize what they must have been back in the day. The buildings I’ve listed above have been well maintained, and help keep Poughkeepsie looking majestic. What are your favorite Dutchess County buildings?

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