Cupid's arrow isn't the only thing that gave these two a shot in the arm.

Who said love is a young person's game?

A lot of people in the Hudson Valley decided to put their large wedding plans on hold during the pandemic. Many engaged couples had to settle for a smaller and very limited COVID wedding.

Governor Cuomo has loosened up on wedding receptions and even said we can expect larger weddings as soon as next month. A month couldn't come fast enough for an elderly couple here in the Hudson Valley. They decided to get their COVID vaccination before they tie the knot.

The two senior citizens plan on getting married soon and they both got their COVID vaccine on the same day and at the same venue.

According to WWNYTV,  both Joy Nulton and John Shults met in 2020 and fell in love. I have a hard time believing that these two met on Bumble. Is it still possible for people to meet the love of their life in person?

They are in their mid 90s and now that they have had two doses of the vaccine they can hopefully put the coronavirus behind them and start planning their wedding that is set to take place sometime next month.

This relationship and marriage is an inspiring example of finding light in a dark tunnel. 2020 was a tough year for many people and it was especially scary for older residents of the Hudson Valley.

I have never been to a wedding for an 94 year old. I wonder if they need a DJ. I can't see it going past 11AM.

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