You know how in Disney movies the animal friends will help the princess clean her room and make her bed and stuff? Yeah, it's not as cute in real life.

A couple from Poughquag is suing Disney for damages between $100,000 and $1 million related to their stay at a Disney resort in 2016. Apparently the couple woke up to "bugs crawling all over the bed, linens, and surrounding walls," which, you know, yikes. That's not something you ever want to wake up to, even if they were the lovable characters from A Bug's Life.

Do you think the couple has a case? Disney is a massive corporation with a lot of money at their disposal, which means they'll probably try to settle this as quickly and quietly as possible. Hopefully this couple gets something out of it, because the sight of bugs crawling all over your bed as you wake up is one you won't soon forget.