The horror-comedy slasher Happy Death Day was number one at the box office this weekend, so it's a good bet that a lot of people in the Hudson Valley went to go see it. What they may not have known is that it was written by one of their own.

According to, Marlboro native Scott Lobdell is the screenwriter behind Happy Death Day, which takes the concept behind the Bill Murray comedy Groundhog Day and applies it to a horror setting. Lobdell is also a well-known comic book writer, and was one of the big creative voices behind Marvel's X-Men comics throughout the 1990s.

Lobdell flew in from California this weekend to attend the premiere of Happy Death Day at the Poughkeepsie Galleria, where he watched it with 50 of his relatives. Reviews have been pretty positive, with many critics giving credit to the cleverness of Lobdell's script.

Did you see Happy Death Day this weekend? What did you think of Lobdell's script?

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