09I love old abandoned structures and Upstate New York has tons and tons of them. I especially love them when they have an intriguing story about them.

Take a look at the abandoned ELDA Castle, or it's sometimes called Abercrombie Castle, tucked away in the woods in the Hudson Valley. It was originally built in 1927 by Mr. and Mrs. David Abercrombie...as in the Abercrombie and Fitch fortune. Over the years it's changed hands several times and each owner has fallen on hard times, abandoned the renovation of the castle, or died. That has prompted stories of it being cursed or haunted.

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If you'd like to see it for yourself you can hike to it very easily. Just Google the address,  249 Croton Dam Road, Ossining, New York. The easiest way to hike to it is through the parking lot at the Sunny Ridge Preserve. Just park there and walk left out of the parking lot, and then left again onto the old road leading up to the castle. Remember the castle is private property so stay outside the fence and don't trespass.

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