Do you think that you know the Hudson Valley? That you are 'aware' of what businesses are around you? I was in Kingston one day and my friend said to me, that's where they make those dolls. She was pointing to a building near where Route 32 and Washington Ave meet up.

I thought nothing of it until I saw a press release for the Tonner Doll company and it mentioned that it was in Kingston, NY. That is when I started to put two and two together.

The press release had to do with a few different types of dolls that the company had made in conjunction with Warner Brothers. So looking at their website, I became more and more intrigued. These were not the Barbies that I had begged my parents to get me when I was younger, these were works of art, that I can't imagine a little girl playing with.

Are they dolls exclusively for adults? You will have to be the one to decide that. At the price tag that goes with them (I saw a few that were on sale for $100), they are visually stunning, but I can't say I would let my niece get a hold of them.