So where does the Godfather of Shock Rock prepare for Halloween? Apparently Walmart! Though his songs say that there is No More Mr. Nice Guy, fans around New York would beg to disagree.

Alice Cooper made many fans' days as he was spotted several times across Upstate New York.

Alice Cooper Shocks New York!

Legendary rocker Vincent Furnier, aka Alice Cooper, has been spotted all over New York recently.

The first spotting comes from fellow shock rocker Amazing Demon Boy. Not from himself, but actually from his sister's friend. I bet he wished they could've switched places. Cooper was found in the Johnson City Walmart, near Binghamton. The Facebook post reads,

My sisters friend works at a Walmart in upstate NY And LOOK WHO WALKS IN  to buy Halloween decorations for his tour bus!!!!

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You would think a guy like Alice Cooper would have custom-made Halloween decorations, but I guess even rockers have a holiday budget.

The Alice Cooper Sightings Don't Stop There

It takes a lot of energy and commitment to keep up those Rock n' Roll locks! Alice Cooper and his wife trusted Salon 109 for their latest hair needs, and they are looking great!

After Halloween shopping and hair appointments, you work up quite the appetite! Cooper stopped over at Jonathon's Pizza in Albany.

What Was Alice Cooper Even Doing Here?

Alice Cooper was born in Detroit, Michigan, and typically spends his days now in Paradise Valley, Arizona. Why would bring him all the way out here? The music, of course!

Cooper played the Visions Veterans Memorial Arena in Binghamton, New York on Wednesday, September 14th, and later the Palace Theater in Albany, NY on Friday, September 16th.

If anyone else caught Alice Cooper walking around, or if you have photos or videos from those concerts, we would love to see! Tag us online, or send them through the app!

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