Wait a minute? Am I seeing double? Not quite, but certainly awfully close. As we've seen over time, there are certain celebrities that bear a striking resemblance to other celebrities.

Perhaps the most famous in the rock community is Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer Chad Smith and former Saturday Night Live and current film star Will Ferrell, who parlayed their similar facial features into a humorous Tonight Show drum-off appearance as well as several charitable comedy and music shows that have played off the likeness. But Chad Smith isn't the only Chili Peppers member with a doppelganger, as you'll see in our Rock Star Look-Alikes gallery below.

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And it's not just limited to rocker-actor either. There are some rockers within the same genre who have similar facial features. So scroll through the gallery below and realize there's no need to rub your eyes. You are seeing exactly what you think you see.

25 Hilariously Accurate Rock Star Look-Alikes