Amazon Prime subscribers, be aware: your yearly subscription is about to go up in price. And it's doing so by a good twenty percent.

Right now, Prime users pay a yearly fee of $99. Starting on May 11, that price is about to jump to $119 for new customers. Current members will see the price increase starting on June 16.

What's the reason for the sudden change in price? The Daily Voice points out that Amazon has introduced several new features over the years, including streaming video, free two-hour delivery for some products, Twitch viewing and more.

My theory? It's all for that Lord of the Rings show they're making. Amazon is looking at spending a billion dollars on a new series set in Middle-Earth. Where do you think that money's coming from? Hobbits ain't cheap, y'all.

Is Prime still worth it for you at the new price point? Or will you be cutting it off and making the switch to something else?