An American Flag mural located in the Hudson Valley, that caught national attention back in October, was recently vandalized.

In October Joey Garcia started promoting an American Flag appreciation walk in New Paltz in hopes of raising money for a local mural. Maria Lisante, owner of La Bella Pizzaria Bistro on Main Street in New Paltz, wanted to clean up the brick wall that was constantly being tagged with graffiti. Listante received permission from the buildings landlord and support from the mayor of New Paltz to have a mural painted of the American Flag.

Word spread about the mural and walk and was met with opposition. However, the walk went on without a hitch and enough money was raise to get the mural of an American Flag on the empty brick wall at La Bella.

Joey Garcia

Walk organizer Joey Garcia shared with us on Tuesday that the flag mural has been vandalized, overnight on Monday, November 5th.

Joey Garcia

According to Garcia, the paint was immediately scrubbed off Tuesday morning. If you would like to keep up with information on the mural, artist or would like to donate visit the murals GoFundMe page.