Here's a project for your 4th of July weekend.

We've seen crazy designs in cornfields, whether it be a marriage proposal or the outline of some of our favorite singers or bands, they're extravagant and usually seen from a helicopter above.

One upstate New York man took it upon himself to do something similar.

Zac Williams of Saratoga Springs shared a picture of his front lawn on Monday, July 1st. It was freshly cut and ready for the 4th of July holiday. Right away, you notice the intricate design.

Zac had mowed the American Flag on to his front lawn. He shared the photo on Facebook and explained that it "took weeks of planning and preparation. I'm happy to know it brings joy to people." Williams also added a few facts about his masterpiece saying "this is real with no trickery and all the grass is the same height."

Of course, as the photo spread some pointed out Zac's mistakes. However, Zac clarified saying "It's also been pointed out that I got carried away with the stars, it's true! Thanks for noticing that and I have fixed it in the lawn this morning."

Mistakes or not what Zac did was amazing. The time and effort he put into his lawn to honor America on the 4th of July is outstanding.

Take a look at his work below:

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