Today, Rudy Giuliani, once a prominent lawyer and former Mayor of New YNew York's Appellate Division First Department revoked his license to practice law. This decision, effective immediately, marks a pivotal moment in Giuliani's tumultuous post-political career, following his suspension in 2021.

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Getty Images Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani


The court's ruling stemmed from Giuliani's role as former President Donald Trump's personal lawyer and his actions following the contentious 2020 presidential election. Judges condemned Giuliani for repeatedly making false and misleading statements regarding election fraud, which they deemed detrimental to public trust in the electoral process and the legitimacy of the government.


According to the panel of judges, Giuliani "communicated demonstrably false and misleading statements to courts, lawmakers, and the public at large," and "flagrantly misused" his position, violating fundamental ethical standards of the legal profession. This decision adds to Giuliani's legal troubles, as he already faces criminal charges in several states, including Arizona and Georgia, related to his efforts to overturn the election results.

Giuliani's fall from grace is stark, considering his earlier reputation as "America's Mayor" for his leadership during the September 11 attacks and his tenure as a respected federal prosecutor. His recent disbarment underscores the critical importance of ethical conduct in the legal profession and raises broader questions about the intersection of law, politics, and public trust in the United States.  

Despite the legal setbacks, Giuliani remains defiant, maintaining that his actions were justified in his quest to uphold what he perceives as electoral integrity. His stance continues to polarize public opinion, reflecting a larger societal divide over the events and aftermath of the 2020 election.


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