According to a post on, a popular site for neighbors to share information, ask for recommendations, post safety tips, and so on, another local Subway Restaurant is set to close.

Apparently, the Subway shop in the Summerlin Plaza on Rte. 376 in Wappingers Falls has a notice posted on the door with a list of items for sale, and information about how the store will close up shop on March 15th.  It seems that another local Subway manager was helping to run this particular location, but only temporarily due to other responsibilities.

Local residents joined the conversation, stating that recently this location didn't even have enough product to provide to their customers during dinnertime.  Another commented on how they had heard the rent in that plaza was too high.

Though we don't know the exact reason, that's another local Subway shutting their doors, as the one near Home Depot and Planet Fitness on Rt. 9 in Wappingers Falls recently closed as well.

What are your thoughts, will you miss this Subway location?