Let's just say we're paying for more than just paved roads and good schools.

It's no secret that New York is one of the highest taxed states in the country. It may be the reason that people are leaving in droves.

High taxation is one thing as long as the money is going towards something productive. As an average taxpayer in a large state like New York, it's almost impossible to keep tabs on where every dollar is going. Did you know that New York tax money is going straight into some people's arms?

According to information from The New York Post, the State Health Department gives over $5 million in tax revenue to health clinics that provides needles to heroin addicts. They are also used to equip people for medicinal purposes as well but the main reason is to stop the growth of the AIDS virus through sharing needles.

It's also been reported that people using these needles publicly are not using the proper waste receptacles.

Do you think that the government should give away free syringes on our dime? Should there be more restrictions?

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