Like it or not, drones are everywhere. These sometimes annoying flying machines have been used for everything from police work, search and rescue missions, to simple recreational fun for citizens who want to get a good shot of the neighborhood from above. Sometimes they're used to survey storm damage.

But there just happened to be someone else in the sky, this particular day, who wasn't having any of this drone's B.S. is reporting that a bald eagle attacked a drone, which was property of the state of Michigan, and ripped off one its propellers. The drone had been surveying shoreline erosion in the Upper Peninsula of the state when the bird attacked.

The drone pilot said he noticed that the machine's satellite reception was getting weak. When the pilot tried to summon the drone home, he noticed it began spiraling out of control after turning around. The next thing he said he saw through the footage was the eagle flying away.

A couple happened to be nearby when it all happened, and confirmed that the bird had taken the drone down. The drone then fell back towards Earth and eventually splashed into Lake Michigan, where it sank to a watery grave.

The ironic part? The drone was a part of the Michigan Dept. of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy. Or, EGLE.

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