SPOILER ALERT: Candy corn is not on the list.
Whether you decide to pass out candy in the office or decide to participate in trick-or-treating it's important to know what candy people really want on Halloween.

Put yourself in the shoes of young kid. You've had a terrible summer, you've missed out on a ton of experiences and you haven't seen your friends as much as you'd like. Halloween is a holiday where kids can gain back some of that fun they've been longing for. These kids will put on a costume and go door to door for miles just for the chance at getting some free candy. The last thing they want is a Necco Wafer, aTootsie Roll or an apple.

You don't want to be known for being the house that hands out crappy candy. That's a great way to get your house egged or covered in toilet paper.

These kids need you more than ever. Halloween is not a time to cheap out, get fancy or creative with your candy selection. It's important to just stick to the basics. There are 7 essential candies that people really crave. It is absolutely vital that your candy distribution stock has at least 2 out of these 7 candies. Any more than 2 is an added bonus.


7 Candies to Pass Out that Will Keep Your House Egg Free This Halloween