I'm surprised that this bear didn't turn around the moment it saw the bear skin rug on the couch.

When you live in Upstate New York you need to accept the fact that you are going to see some unwanted visitors outside. Living here brings all kinds of pests and wildlife. Some are a nuisance like skunks and raccoons while others can be downright terrifying like bobcats and even bears. Imagine seeing a bear outside leaning on your glass window. It is a sight that is becoming all to familiar with Upstate New Yorkers. Black bears in particular seem to be getting more and more comfortable with humans. Maybe a little too comfortable because they're trying to get inside our houses.

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Most of these encounters are being documented on cell phones or security cameras.

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According to WNYT, recently a homeowner in Chatham, New York got quite the surprise when her dog made it very clear that there was an unwanted visitor in her home. The video shows the bear walk in through the door and poke around her kitchen. The bear appears to be startled by the family dog and then runs back outside.

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