Brandi’s search for her future husband this week, takes us all the way to on of the western most parts of the United States, to Anchorage, Alaska, a place that Brandi has always wanted to visit.

She hasn’t met this particular man of her dreams yet, but she hopes to find him before the police do. He shouldn’t be too easy to miss, but then again, Alaska is a big state.

Her future sweetie, is apparently walking around the outskirts of town of in a full-body bear costume, harassing actual bears who are simply trying to eat salmon in a river.

It was Alaska Fish and Game Assistant who reported the incident, and tried to speak to him and get his name & number.

It was then that the Bear Husband said, “You have the license plate number. You figure it out,” before driving off.

Will Brandi be able to track this guy down? Will she be spending those cold winter nights alone without her Ted E. Bear? Will she still be looking for her future husband?