After three bears were found sleeping outside a Hudson Valley home, one made a break for it and led police on a wild chase.

On Friday around 2 a.m., Kingston police were told three bears were spotted in backyards of homes on Downs Street and Belvedere Street. However, responding police couldn't find the bears.

Around 2 p.m., they were found sleeping in a home's backyard tree. Because the bears were in a populated area, it was decided removing the animals from the neighborhood was the smartest idea.

The DEC was called and removed the mother bear and one cub to a less populated area, police say. However, a third bear led police and the DEC on a wild chase through backyards towards Broadway and O'Neil Street.

The chase continued onto Downs Street, the Catskill Mountain Rail Trail, the old railroad towards Kingston Plaza, Albany Avenue and near heavy traffic on 587 before fleeing into the woods.

Officials said because the bear was old enough to be on its own, there was no concern for his safety. But, the bear couldn't bare (get it) to be without his mom and sibling.

Hours later, the bear was found in the same tree he was previously in with his mother and sibling. The DEC was notified and the bear was caught. He will soon be reunited with his family, police say.