When is a power boat silent? When it's part of a new fleet of watercrafts from the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC).

With summer around the corner, all eyes are on our local bodies of water. From the fascinating meromictic lake at Green Lake State Park in Fayetteville, NY to the mighty Hudson River, boats of every kind are getting ready for action, including the latest edition to the NYSDEC.

New power boats used by the New York DEC will sound a little different
New power boats used by the New York DEC will sound a little different (NYSDEC via Facebook)

New "Silent" Technology on NYSDEC Boats

The new technology was revealed in a recent Facebook post. "You may see a DEC boat on the Finger Lakes or Long Island, but you may not be able to hear it", the announcement began. The reason? These powerboats are 100% electric (below).

About the NYSDEC's New Electric Boats

"It sounds more like a microwave than a gasoline engine", quipped DEC research scientist Dr. Lewis McCaffrey. Pairing a brand-new electric motor with a boat from the 1960s, McCaffrey says, was part of the DEC's commitment to ongoing sustainability efforts. "It doesn't emit waste, gasses, exhaust... the boat's not polluting the way a gasoline engine might be", McCaffrey reported. Currently, the new technology is only being used in select areas.

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The DEC has deployed their new "silent" boats in the Finger Lakes when taking water quality samples and off the shores of Long Island for a fish survey. With the success of the pilot program, however, new boats may soon be added to the fleet.

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