Every Friday at 5pm Simon counts down the top 5 most requested songs of the week with the WRRV Buzzcuts and Beck is back in the drivers seat again. The Lumineers have a local connection having recorded their most recent album here in the Hudson Valley. 'Angela' is single number three off of 'Cleopatra' and lands at number five on the countdown for the week. Imagine Dragons 'Thunder' remains one of the most popular songs in the country and holds steady at number four. Thirty Seconds To Mars launch their way to number three with 'Walk On Water'. Walk The Moon are back with 'One Foot' which has worked its way all the way to number two. Beck's now album Colors is out now and his song 'Up All Night' has a firm grasp on number one.

5. Lumineers 'Angela'

4. Imagine Dragons 'Thunder'

3. Thirty Seconds To Mars 'Walk On Water'

2. Walk The Moon 'One Foot'

1. Beck 'Up All Night'