A Hudson Valley man is in hot water for stealing beer from a Hyde Park gas station. The Poughkeepsie Journal reports Tonie Coston Jr. admitted in court today that a pellet gun was used to rob the store on Albany Post Road in March of 2013.

The Journal adds, the store cashier was able to overcome Coston during the robbery who took off on foot without any cash, just beer. In this case, the DNA did him in. An article of clothing was found close to the scene with his DNA which linked him to the crime.

I'm pretty sure a few beers aren't worth that much time in prison. Kudos to the Hyde Park Police Department who led the investigation. All told the investigation took nearly 17 months. Ultimately Coston plead guilty and will avoid a potential 15 year sentence, instead he's been promised a 5 year sentence with 5 years of supervision upon release.