It truly is an end of an era.

Do you know what this thing is? If you don't then you grew up watching movies at home with some of the best quality.

insert a videotape into a tape recorder

I'm old enough to remember watching LaserDisc but do you remember VHS tapes? Remember rewinding? Did you have VHS player that didn't have automatic tracking? I had to get up and turn this dial to get the picture just right.

I remember being blown away in the early 2000's when my family got our first VHS / DVD combo player. Since then I have probably accumulated hundreds of discs as it took over 10 more years for streaming to really hit its stride. Eventually Blu-Ray would come along but people still prefer to watch and buy DVD's. It doesn't look you will be able to buy them at stores in the near future. According to Fox Business, Best Buy will be discontinuing the sales of DVD and Blu-ray discs.

It looks the sales will cease in 2024 so you may be able to purchase some for the holidays.

It also looks like some stores may adopt a similar policy with video game discs.

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