I love going to a casino. I even have a favorite slot machine I look for where ever I go. I would tell you but I am also very superstitious and don't want to jinx my luck.

Going to the casino for a day can be fun and the truth is we have quite a few casinos that you can make day trips out of right here in New York. Some are in New York itself while others are close by in Connecticut and Pennsylvania.

The Best Casinos in and around the Hudson Valley, New York

Resorts World Hudson Valley via Facebook
Resorts World Hudson Valley via Facebook

I find that most of my trips to a casino involve food, drink, and gaming. The typical day for my crew is late lunch some day drinking and it is off to the floor to hunt down our favorite games in hopes of coming home winners.

The truth is many of the casinos that are close to the Hudson Valley are also great places to stay for a long weekend. Some have golf courses, while others offer spa treatments and big-name entertainment. Some of the casinos on this list offer all of that plus shopping.

Where are the Casinos that are Close to the Hudson Valley

So whether you are just looking for an afternoon at the penny slots or a weekend of poker I believe this list offers a casino for every occasion. Check out the Google map and plan your route. If you have the time and money you could almost plan a Casino Crawl.


The great thing about this list is we have also included the food and drink information to help you make your weekend plans.

Casinos in New York, Pennsylvania, and Connecticut Close to the Hudson Valley

Casinos Near the Hudson Valley

Casinos have been popping up everywhere over the last few years and the Hudson Valey now not only has its own casino but we are also a short drive a wait to many others in New York, Connecticut, and Pennsylvania. All of these spots can be done in a day but why not make a weekend out of it and enjoy the food, drink, and gaming?

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