Get ready for the most festive Christmas ever, because the absolute best Christmas ornament in the entire Hudson Valley is back on sale.

The ornament, created by local New Paltz, NY artist Joanie Devine, acts as a tribute to one of the Hudson Valley's favorite landmarks... but this one is for locals only. Devine didn't feature Mohonk's Sky Top Tower or even the record-breaking Walkway Over the Hudson on her design... it's something much, much better.

A local New Paltz, NY artist has made the best Hudson Valley Christmas ornament
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The Best Hudson Valley, NY Christmas Ornament is Now for Sale

One of the most famous (and most unofficial) landmarks in the Hudson Valley is something that most commuters might drive past without a second thought: a humble road sign in New Paltz, NY. What residents do with that sign, however, has become a local tradition.

The Hudson VAlley NY's favorite road sign is South Putt Corners Rd in New Paltz, NY which is often defaced to read "Butt Corners"

Putt Corners Road Traditionally Defaced in New Paltz, NY

North (and South) Putt Corners Road in New Paltz, NY has been consistently "defaced" in one simple way. With a small swipe of a spray can, the "P" is easily converted to a "B", turning Putt Corners into Butt Corners to the delight of residents across the Hudson Valley (myself included). Luckily, we have the genius of Joanie Devine to thank for introducing Butt Corners Rd to Christmas trees everywhere.

New Paltz, NY artist Joanie Devine has created the best local Christmas ornament for the Hudson Valley
TSM Poughkeepsie

Time to Buy the Most Creative Hudson Valley, NY Christmas Ornament

While Joanie wasn't able to have her creations available in time for last Christmas (the first iteration of ornaments went on sale January 2023), this holiday season they're back and better than ever, featuring not only South Butt Corners Rd, but North Butt Corners Rd as well.

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If you want the best-dressed tree in the neighborhood, reach out to Joanie on Facebook or email to purchase your favorite butt ornament for $16. Less butt-oriented ornaments including hand-painted views of the Shawangunk Ridge are also for sale.

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