It's hard to believe that something so large and magnificent is unknown to many New York residents.

The Hudson Valley region of Upstate New York has some pretty astonishing sights to see which is what makes the area such a popular hiking destination for both locals and tourists from hours away.

Did you know that Upstate New York has its own version of the Grand Canyon?

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Have you seen the Sky Top Tower in New Paltz, New York?

The Mohonk Mountain House is a beautiful and popular resort in New Paltz. The resort has several indoor and outdoor activities and amenities. One of the mid-outdoor hikes available on the premises is the spectacular Sky Top Tower which was originally constructed to be a watch tower for forest fires. According to their website hike is just over a mile long and if the weather is clear you can see 6 different states from the top of the structure. The tower was built in 1923 which makes it 100 years old as of this year.

What about the massive tower that is nearby? Have you noticed it before?

Here is some amazing drone footage of Sky Top Tower that was uploaded to YouTube.


Here is a video tour that someone posted walking to the tower. They even provided footage of what it looks like once inside of the amazing structure. There are spoilers ahead.

Here are some more hikes to check out.

30 Beautiful Sights, Nature Hikes, and Historical Landmarks in the Hudson Valley

Welcome to some of the best Nature Trails, Historical Landmarks, and all-around great views right here in the Hudson Valley!

The Valley is filled to the brim with amazing places you can go right now, so what are you waiting for?

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