Do you have a pickle in your Christmas tree? If you have no idea what I am talking about, don't worry. I didn't know about this "thing" until a few years ago.

There are different theories about where it came from but according to there are a few different tales behind the pickle on the Christmas tree. One of those alleged theories, dates back to the 1880's when department stores in the United States started selling glass ornaments that were made in Germany that were in the shapes of fruits and vegetables. Could it have just been a sales technique? The sales reps telling people that putting the pickle on the tree last was what they were supposed to do and then the child that finds the pickle in the tree gets an extra present.

When doing additional research, there are websites that refer to this as the "German Pickle Ornament Legend" or the Weihnachtsgurke, which translates to "The Christmas Pickle." However, all of the researchers could not actually find anyone who lived in or was from Germany that actually had heard of this tradition. So, is it real? It is starting to seem like it could be that department store who created this 'faux' tradition that seems to be engrained as a part of many peoples holiday.

In talking to one of my co-workers, he said that his mother-in-laws family has it where they put a $20 bill in the pickle, that way the person who finds it gets the 'present' of $20.

Do you have a pickle tradition during the Christmas holidays? Feel free to share it with us and submit a photo to of us showing us your Christmas Pickle Ornament via the stations app.

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