Greek food in general is something that has only entered my life relatively recently. My diet primarily has been overridden with Italian cuisine and burgers mostly. I had a girlfriend a couple of years ago who insisted that I try some traditional Greek food, and that it was made right. I remember the first time that I tried falafel. It reminded of me of hush puppies! Since then, I've tried a number of Greek staples such as baklava and moussaka, which I've thoroughly enjoyed. There is one; however, that seems to be the king of them all: the gyro.

First of all, I'm still not sure if I am pronouncing "gyro" correctly. I think that has been one of the main reasons I've never ordered it, I've been too scared to mispronounce it. Apparently I'm not the only one, according to this Tonight Show collaboration from 2017.

The gyro has become very Americanized like so much other cuisine. Gyro stands have become mainstays at county fairs and street corners. Do not worry, though, there are plenty of phenomenal places around where you can get the dish served right. Below is a list of 11 of the best restaurants to order a gyro from within the Hudson Valley. These restaurants have a rating no less than 3.9 and have been rated hundreds of times by Hudson Valley residents such as yourself. I've been to a good number of these places, actually, and they hold up. As for the few that I haven't been to yet, I think I'll have to make it apart of a weekend destination sometime soon.

Again, we always ask you guys to let us know your thoughts. Is there a restaurant that we didn't mention that should get some love? Feel free to let let us know on our social medias, and by texting us right here in the WRRV app!

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