A fan-favorite spot for Greek specialties has quietly closed their doors - but perhaps just temporarily. There's been some social media chatter the past few days regarding a very popular East Fishkill (Hopewell Junction) based business that seemingly closed without warning.

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Hudson Valley Gyro Grill & Market Closes Storefront

Branded as 'Authentic Greek Dine In & Take Out,' Hudson Valley Gyro (Grill & Market) has been a staple for Greek offerings in Dutchess County for quite some time, with stellar ratings and reviews.

After noticing their empty storefront the other day as I was driving through this area of Hopewell Junction, I started to notice some comments on social media about the business closing.

A message from their owner about their temporary closure can be found when visiting their official website reads as follows:

A Note From Paul  To Our Loyal Customers:

We are saddened to announce that our East Fishkill location will be temporarily closed due to the loss of our current lease. This doesn't mean we won't be back as we are in the process of researching our options. Our options currently being another retail location in the area OR with the 'hopeful' cooperation of the Town of East Fishkill can secure the necessary permits for a mobile kitchen or food truck so we can continue to serve our East Fishkill residents with the best in authentic Greek Cuisine.

He goes on to say that patrons can follow along with the latest news and updates on their Facebook page and that they hope to resolve the issue as soon as possible.

GoogleMaps, Facebook
GoogleMaps, Facebook

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What's Going On With Hudson Valley Gyro?

A few posts on Facebook have gone up since December 28th, when their profile photo changed to an image of a bright yellow food truck with 'The Wandering Greek' on it and 'tread on them' below the image.

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A few days later their Facebook cover photo changed to a close-up image of a portion of the constitution, with 'We The People' highlighted.

Customers began commenting with things like 'you tell us where you are going to be and we will do what we can to bring everyone there!' along with good luck wishes.

GoogleMaps, Facebook
GoogleMaps, Facebook

We will keep following this story as more details become available.

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