For a lot of people, a comic book is something made by Marvel or DC, maybe Spider-Man or Batman. And a comic-book movie is something starring one of those characters. But comics aren’t a genre, they’re a medium. Even though Marvel and DC have been the perennial giants of the industry, there have always been other publishers, and other kinds of comics besides the superhero movies of “The Big Two.”The list below showcases the evidence of that. It ranks the top 25 non-Marvel, non-DC comic book movies, and they range from film noir, to science-fiction, to horror, to the most mundane of human dramas. They include movies (and comics) from all over the world. And yeah there’s even a couple superheroes in there as well. (If a guy is the son of a demon and he has horns and a giant red hand, he can still technically count as a superhero, right?)

We could only fit 25 movies on the list, so what did we forget? You tell us in the comments below. (Remember, before you berate us, though: Vertigo is part of DC. And A History of Violence was published by Paradox Press, another DC imprint that has since been shuttered. Otherwise, yes. That would definitely be on here. And probably pretty darn high as well.)

The Best Comic Book Movies That Have Nothing to Do With Marvel or DC