A New York state man is facing charges after police say he assaulted another person numerous times one morning. Domestic disputes can become very heated and emotional, as law enforcement often doesn't know exactly what they're getting themselves into when they answer the call for help. This was one of those unpredictable stories.

NY Man Accused of Attacking Person With Hair Straightener

WKTV says that police were called to reports of a dispute Thursday morning. Police determined that the 42-year-old suspect from Thendara had hit the victim in the face numerous times during the fight. WKTV says the suspect even took it a step further and used a hair straightener to hit the victim in the back of the head, breaking the object.

Police say the man was later arrested and has been charged with a number of crimes.

Thendara is a small hamlet in Herkimer County. According to U.S. Census Bureau numbers from 2020, the area has a population of only 40 residents. If this guy ends up going away to serve time, then we'll have to drop that number to 39.

Person Hit With Chicken

You may have heard of the website The People of Walmart. Now, we're not sure what exactly happened here, or what may have provoked this incident. But what we do know is that a frozen chicken belongs in your freezer, to be thawed and later prepared for dinner. Chickens aren't meant to be thrown at other human beings. But this is what happened, according to police, right in the middle of a large store.

News 21 is reporting that a 20-year-old was charged in October 2021 after throwing a cold chicken at a 52-year-old woman's head. The fowl assault happened at a Walmart Supercenter in Chambersburg, PA, according to Pennsylvania State Police. There is no indication at this time why the bird was tossed at the back of the woman's head, to begin with. There is also no word from authorities on how much of a mess it made when it impacted the back of the victim's head. An investigation continues.

Fight in Potato Chip Aisle 

If this story sounds a bit familiar, you may be thinking of another food-related assault at a different Walmart earlier the same year. Police say a fight broke out in the potato chip aisle at a Walmart location in May 2021. It is uncertain what exactly the history was between the two combatants, but PIX 11 is reporting that a woman was arrested after she allegedly smacked another woman in the face with a 10-pound log of prepackaged meat.

Police say the suspect first tried to spit in the face of the victim and then decided to pull out the big stops by whacking the other woman with the 10-pound piece of meat right in the face. Officials did not go into detail about how she was able to muster the strength to swing such a big piece of meat, but it must have been quite the sight to behold that fateful day.

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