Some of you may remember my awkward incident in a Stewart's Shop a while back where it may have been best if I didn't show up there again for a while.

After a couple of friends and I finished lunch one day, we decided to hit it up Stewart's on the way back to their place. The idea was to pick up drinks and snacks for the night. I grabbed some iced tea, coffee cakes, and bags of cashews and almonds. My friends were in line first and purchased their stuff. Once, they were done, I go up. As I'm paying, my one friend goes, "Hey Conor, can I grab your nuts?" I was so focused on paying that without even thinking, I respond, "yeah man, I'd like that." I look up and see a mortified face on the poor teenage cashier.

So, did anything heinous happen? No. Am I actually banned from said Stewart's? No. Did we embarrass ourselves and make some high schoolers feel very uncomfortable? Yes, yes we did. Needless to say, I'm going to wait to pop my head back in there. I'm sure; though, that can't be the worst exchange that Stewart's employee has heard while on the job.

More Than Enough Stewart's Shops

Even if I don't feel comfortable popping back into that particular Stewart's, we have more than enough in the Hudson Valley. Honestly, it's hard to go into a town and NOT find a Stewart's. I see people each day carrying Stewart's coffee cups. And in the summer (or any time of year), Stewart's Ice Cream is a must! Heck, I see people wearing Stewart's merchandise every once in a while. Obviously, we all have our preferred Stewart's location, but how does yours rank compared to the others? We decided to check out their ratings on Google and share it with all of you.

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Is Your Favorite Stewart's Shop the Best in the Hudson Valley, NY?

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