I was watching a Food Theory episode recently that talked about the Thai Restaurants and their abundance in the United States (if you haven't realized already, I am big fan of Food Theory and it's sister channels). Something I found interesting was that the rise in Thai restaurants is more than just food-based, but it is also an attempt to increase positive public perception of Thailand and Thai culture. The video goes into much better details than I could explain, but I recommend watching it here:

Thai food is another thing that has fallen through the cracks for me until recently. I feel like the typical food choices in my house have been Italian, Mexican, and Chinese. Very strong choices, yes, but at times it gets too repetitive. I love to cook, and I have started attempting a couple of Thai recipes and introducing the style to my folks. For the most part, it has been a success! As for actually going to a Thai restaurant, that is something that we haven't been able to fully integrate yet, but it's something that I mean to change.

So while I am looking for good Thai restaurants around me to introduce my folks and myself to, I might as well share my findings with you guys! Funny enough, I was talking to my editor about this gallery, and the fifth restaurant on this list was her favorite while in college. It's one thing to get online recommendations, but it is another thing altogether when you get a personal one.

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