After years of searching near and far, I have finally found Bigfoot! And it was right under my nose in Beacon, New York.

The Search For Hudson Valley Bigfoot

For years I've been tracking Bigfoot sightings from across the Hudson Valley. I even hiked Stissing Mountain in Pine Plains to investigate possible sightings in the area. Sadly, I never came across the bipedal.  I never thought I would find Bigfoot in an abandoned school in Beacon, but it's 2022, and stranger things have happened.

While driving on Fishkill Avenue in Beacon a large sign caught my eye. It read "The Secret History of Beacon Bigfoot." I almost caused an accident coming to a dead stop to take a photo.


The Secret History of Beacon Bigfoot

After a quick Google search, I learned that local artist Ron English had an exhibit exploring local Bigfoot lore at the old Beacon high school. I can't believe that I didn't know that parts of the abandoned school have been transformed into the KuBe Art Center.

The Ethan Cohen Gallery website explains the thought process behind Ron English's solo exhibition writing:

Bigfoot sightings are common in the Hudson Valley, but belief can be elusive. Artist Ron English moved to Beacon, New York, in 2008, into a house with a spectacular view of the Hudson river and a backward forest teeming with deer, raccoons and an occasional large furry humanoid who eluded direct contact but seemed to commune with nature’s other creatures. Over the years in Beacon, as gentrification crept into the woods and replaced paradise with parking lots, Bigfoot sightings have become more and more rare. But the question remains: Is there an intelligent creature lurking in the woods among us? If you believe, does it have to be true?

It's fun to think a creature like Bigfoot could possibly live in the woods surrounding us, don't you think? If you're not a believer and want to hear local stories about Bigfoot, check out Bigfoot Researchers of The Hudson Valley.

Interested in meeting Bigfoot? Make a reservation to see the sculptures and artwork at 211 Fishkill Avenue in Beacon. In the meantime, check out Ron English's documentary on Beacon Bigfoot below:

The KuBe Art Center is currently home to 6 different exhibits open to the public.

Have You Heard of The Secret History of Beacon Bigfoot?

Never thought I would find Bigfoot in an abandoned school in Beacon, but it's 2022, and stranger things have happened...

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